Project Resources

Beverly Hills Initiatives

The City of Beverly Hills has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce the contribution to climate change. Below is a number of select plans, projects, and measures the City has adopted that will be incorporated into the CAAP.


Green Building Code

Other City Examples

With the development of the CAAP, the City of Beverly Hills is joining a number of other cities throughout the state in taking strong action for the reduction of GHG emissions. Below are some examples of these initiatives from other local cities.

Additional External Resources

  • This “Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye” video by National Geographic gives a detailed explanation of how climate change has occurred over time. The video is in English and subtitles in other languages are available in the video settings options.
  • To explore interactive images showing the gradual, growing effects of climate change, see this “Climate Time Machine” created by NASA.
  • Cal-Adapt identifies projections for extreme heat days, wildfire, extended drought and other climate change variables
  • California’s 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan The Climate Change Scoping Plan is the California Air Resources Board’s plan for reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions to reach the reduction goals established by Senate Bill 32.