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Climate Action Movie Night at Roxbury Park

July 20, 2022

Festivities start at 6:00 pm, Film screening at 7:00 pm.

Join us for a free, fun family night with a food vendor, family activities, music, & sustainability booths! We will also have a panel discussion with Wendy Nystrom, Cris Liban, Jessica Aldridge, Ben Stapleton, and Gina Goodhill.

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The City of Beverly Hills has committed to a public engagement process that is reflective of Beverly Hill’s values and community priorities.

  • Provide an open, inclusive, equitable, and transparent process.
  • Build a constituency that supports the adoption and implementation of the CAAP.
  • Develop accessible and engaging materials that are easy to use in conducting outreach.
  • Engage and empower a broad cross-section of Beverly Hills residents, business owners, students, stakeholders, and decision-makers.
  • Gather input at strategic points in the planning process to inform the CAAP.
  • Build capacity so that the community can guide and support the implementation of the CAAP.
  • Achieve broad demographic and geographic representation from stakeholders including participants who are typically not engaged in planning processes using virtual engagement methods, traditional and social media.
  • Educate the community about the importance and urgency of climate action and resilience.
  • Gather meaningful input and feedback from the community about the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

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